Reasons to Attend

High profile and internationally renowned speakers from government and all major public and private sectors/industry that will be making presentations and contributing their experiences during information-packed sessions that will stretch your mind in new directions and make you awake.  You will identify concrete interventions areas and gain breakthrough insights from industry and business experts for your practical use.  You will take advantage of the cross-industry nature of the event, gain fresh perspectives outside your organization and take home a network of valuable new contacts that will surprise and delight you.  You will enjoy extended networking, meaningful conversation and fun during special evening events.  With the NITPC 2013 platform, as an attendee, you will be given a special opportunity outside your industry as our takeaway measures to follow up and see how you are using what you learned, send updates and reminders and share your experience with the whole NITPC community.

The NITPC 2013, is planned as a real matchmaking event between The Netherland and Indian enterprises and will primarily benefit those enterprises by way of offering an enabling platform for them to create or foster the business partnership relationships among them. Secondly, The Netherland and India will benefit as a whole because of the enlarged and positive audience it will receive based on their business opportunities. Other reasons includes;

  • Biggest gathering of Netherland & Indian business community in the World
  • Latest and greatest opportunities in both countries
  • Reduced number of keynotes to accommodate room sector detailed break outs
  • Product pitches opportunities, exclusive to our sponsors and other lucky few
  • Sessions are divided in different in-depth sectors to focus more on match making
  • Reruns of several popular sessions to give everyone the chance to take part
  • Experts and Practitioners-led section match making, import – export, outsourcing etc
  • Rock star speakers, panelists, faculties, and instructors.
  • Engage with speakers and discuss with fellow business people in a casual setting with lots of networking space
  • Students and bloggers get free pass for entrance.
  • Enjoy different cuisines in the Hague city; take a trip to down town The Hague. There are tons of tourist opportunities in/around The Hague.
  • Tons of parties during the conference, in the evening, late night, and early mornings.
  • A closing party with live musicians on the stage.

It is also advisable that you come earlier say a weekend before so as to enjoy the magic of the city of The Hague before the summit starts. The Hague is a historical city with a lot of places to visit. Please go to our information section for more details on the city of The Hague.